Message Manager

MessageManager is a full color, low draw call, batchable, fading, clippable, scrollable, drop shadowed messaging system for EZGui.

Messages can be sent with only one line of code from anywhere within your game's systems!

MessageManager supports an infinite amount of messages in an unlimited number of displays.


MessageManager makes any in-game messaging simple and easy. Use MessageManager to simply and easily display combat messages, chat text, logs, even On-Screen debug messages by replacing debug.log code with calls to MessageManager - which is fantastic for debugging untethered mobile devices.


Each message display is registered with MessageManager and assigned an Name or ID by the developer, so sending a message to any display in a game is a simple as telling MessageManager the DisplayID and the Message, and optionally a Color with the one line of code:

MessageManager.Instance().Message("DisplayID", "Message", Color);


Message Displays are created using Sprite Text objects. The developer will have all of the flexibility of EZGui's Sprite Text. The developer can use any EZGui ready typeface for any display. MessageManager supports color tagging, and each message display is assigned a default color, making color management simple and easy.

MessageManager is designed as an Add-on to EZGui by Above & Beyond Software.

MessageManager REQUIRES a licensed installation of EZGui from Above & Beyond Software.

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