Moonbase: Lander

Moonbase: Lander is the stylish accelerometer-based moon lander game for Touch Devices using realistic physics simulation and stunning full 3D backgrounds.

Your PodHopper™ is little more than a seat, a fuel tank and a control paddle! You need a steady hand and iron will to ride this flying bomb!

Join the Moonbase Lunar Pilot Training Program. Increasingly difficult terrain will challenge your skill and nerves. Discover alien technology and military hardware to enhance your PodHopper™. Land carefully for the highest point value. Can you qualify as a Pilot before you run out of fuel?

Leveraging the power of the Ageia PhysX engine, the simulation game play in Moonbase: Lander uses one of the best physics engines available. The mass and gravity are set to simulate a real landing on the moon. The backgrounds are a stunning full 3D, with the moon herself supplying the texture. Coded in the powerful and clean Unity game development tool, this is the best (in our humble opinion) lander game available for mobile devices.


• Addictive Gameplay
• Accelerometer based tilt controls
• Accurate power curve driving the thrust of the PodHopper™
• Physics simulation using the Ageia PhysX engine
• High quality graphics, lighting & effects
• Stunning 3D backgrounds