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Resources for people getting started (ASSETS)


I am often asked for resources or resource sites by people just coming into the world of Unity and game development. When someone is just getting started they won’t have relationships with professional artists and probably lack the funds to pay them if they did. What this post is, is a quick primer on where to find resources and how to collaborate.


Simple Pooling


Everything we do in our games requires some form of resource – memory, cpu time, storage space – and anything we can do to help reduce the drain on our resource budget can be good.

Pooling can help us do this.


A facelift! (New Site and New Blog!)

New TAR look
We have just finished a major face lift on the Ant Ranch site.

The website is new from the ground up with html5 and responsive bootstrap functionality.


Restart Buttons are easy and often overlooked!


I have the chance to play a large number of prototype games.

These can be work-in-progress, concepts, level testing, and the like.

I have a pet peeve.

The single most overlooked feature is a simple “restart” button.



Understanding Spherecasts in Unity


SphereCast and all related pages are confusing.

The easiest way for me to describe Spherecasts in the shortest terms possible is to post my bug report: