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Resources for people getting started (ASSETS)


I am often asked for resources or resource sites by people just coming into the world of Unity and game development. When someone is just getting started they won’t have relationships with professional artists and probably lack the funds to pay them if they did. What this post is, is a quick primer on where to find resources and how to collaborate.


Message Manager for EZGui


MessageManager 1.1 is now available.

MessageManager can be purchased from The Ant Ranch’s eStore for $9.99, or directly from Unity’s Asset Store, downloaded straight into your EZGui licensed project.


Inventory Manager


InventoryManager 2.0 is in the asset store! And available here on our eStore!

As a bonus, all of the assets seen in the image above are available to the developer to get started, including sample icons, piles of gold, weapons, and an animated chest to loot!


Unity Bug Reporter Icon


I find that on the occasion that I need to report a bug in Unity (which for me is usually reporting documentation issues), it can be annoying to see two identical icons when swapping between applications using keystrokes (<cmd> + <tab>).

By default, both Unity and the Unity Bug Reporter share the same icon! o.O?

SO – I made a new icon for the Bug Reporter.

Here is the png.

Here is the Photoshop file.

Here is the .icns file for Mac users.