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The Cauldron – A random dungeon generator (Part 2)


As I continue to scratch the itch compelling me to make a randomly generated dungeon, I’ve pushed this system far enough to make random rooms & corridors connected by doors.


The Cauldron – A random dungeon generator (Part 1)

The-Cauldron-SplashThere are these points in one’s development lifetime where one must try to make certain things… just to see if one can do it. The Fantasy Role Playing Game, The Networked Game, The Randomly Generated Dungeon…

Yes, I’m fussing with making a procedural dungeon…

Is this like chicken pox? Something that passes after a while and if you don’t scratch too much it won’t scar that bad?


The most simple tutorial ever

Unity2LightspeedI am often asked how a new user can get started the fastest.

The first place I send people to who are new to Unity is the Learn section of the Unity Website. Here the new user can find links to the video tutorials, live training, documentation and the community.

If, however, this is not fast enough for you, you can try the following tutorial. This will walk you through the most basic steps needed to make a working scene in Unity and uses many of the most basic elements found in a Unity project.