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Parameter vs Argument


What’s in a name? I hear people talking about, or more likely arguing over, whether it’s a bracket or a brace; whether it’s a method or a function; whether it’s a parameter or an argument… And, frankly, most people seem to get it wrong.


Avoid Compilation with Webplayer Templates


Have you ever wanted to simply disable a script while you were developing your project?

WebplayerTemplates is the answer.


Heads or Tails? Flipping a coin


How do you flip a coin? In code? Elegantly?

I don’t mean the model, but returning a random boolean value?

Well, it’s not that simple… or, really… it is.


A simplified Black Hole


For Space Duel, I wanted to make a black hole… one that would bend the trajectory of the shots in the game and attract or swallow the player’s spaceship.

This is what I created to make a simple arcade-style gravity well.


Simple Pooling


Everything we do in our games requires some form of resource – memory, cpu time, storage space – and anything we can do to help reduce the drain on our resource budget can be good.

Pooling can help us do this.


Restart Buttons are easy and often overlooked!


I have the chance to play a large number of prototype games.

These can be work-in-progress, concepts, level testing, and the like.

I have a pet peeve.

The single most overlooked feature is a simple “restart” button.