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Avoid Compilation with Webplayer Templates


Have you ever wanted to simply disable a script while you were developing your project?

WebplayerTemplates is the answer.


Heads or Tails? Flipping a coin


How do you flip a coin? In code? Elegantly?

I don’t mean the model, but returning a random boolean value?

Well, it’s not that simple… or, really… it is.


A simplified Black Hole


For Space Duel, I wanted to make a black hole… one that would bend the trajectory of the shots in the game and attract or swallow the player’s spaceship.

This is what I created to make a simple arcade-style gravity well.


The most simple tutorial ever

Unity2LightspeedI am often asked how a new user can get started the fastest.

The first place I send people to who are new to Unity is the Learn section of the Unity Website. Here the new user can find links to the video tutorials, live training, documentation and the community.

If, however, this is not fast enough for you, you can try the following tutorial. This will walk you through the most basic steps needed to make a working scene in Unity and uses many of the most basic elements found in a Unity project.


JS to C# converter


This is a link to a page on the M2H Game Studios‘ site that converts UnityScript/Unity.js to C# converter:


This is very convenient site.

You can paste your Unity JavaScript (UnityScript) code into the top box on the page, hit process, and get the C# out the bottom!