Free Live Online Training from Unity Technologies


Unity Technologies presents free live online training.

After two years in the making, we now have a real and proper page on the Unity web site.

Thanks in part to Will Goldstone for lighting fires and pushing the Live Training agenda.

We have abandoned AdobeConnect for TwitchTV for our live broadcasting.

These live classes will be short. My previous classes  were about 4 hours long and covered a wealth of information, whereas these classes should be about one hour long and focused on one specific topic. Most of the content from my long form classes has been or will be converted into training projects or shorter live classes.

There are some great advantages of this new set up:

  • No preregistration is required. Simply turn up and participate.
  • No class size limits. We can broadcast to everyone who wants to participate.
  • No time zone confusion. Each class has it’s own countdown timer based on UTC.
  • Calendar Events. Buttons will save a session to your calendar using google calendar or ical events.
  • Archived Class Sessions. These classes will be recorded and are saved in the archive tab. If there is a class you couldn’t participate in live, you can review it from the archive.

These are live classes and we expect and encourage our participants to interact and ask questions of presenter just like any live class.

The live page will show the next class in the header and a list of all upcoming classes in the main body of the page. Simply follow the link for details about that class.

For a full listing of our current classes please visit the Live Training Page for more information.

For comments and feedback, please check the new forum thread.

See you in class!

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